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LIVE on TikTok on February 10th at 7pm EST, hosted by Chaos and Booktalk

In partnership with The Hype Girl Squad Discord

Voting ends February 8th at 12pm EST


Onion Award

Smuttler Award

Full Stop Award


Yeeter Award

Tell Me A Story(Male) Award

Tell Me A Story(Female) Award

Best Plot Pause Award

Bluescreen Award

Make You Catch Fee-Fees Award

Best Dom/Domme

Can't Stop, Won't Stop Award

Pink Washcloth Award

Best Use of a Garden Tool

Bad Girl Award

Most Likely To Start A Meme Award

Pulled Pork Award

Good Girl Award

Oh No She Didn't Award

Drive-By Railing Award

Most # of Booktokers in One Book Award

The Dun Dun Dun... Award

Hear Me Out Award

Crap, They Googled That Award

WTAF Award

***Full explanations of award categories on voting form***

This is a fun awards show. Please keep it that way!

All the love and hype

-The Hype Squad and Chaos and Booktalk

Voting ends February 8th at 12pm EST

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