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18 and up

They're bikers. They're brothers.
They're shifters, well, most of them...


Book .5


     Lion shifter, Arbor has loved his bachelorhood. He has his brothers of the Howlers MC: UP Chapter and a good job. He was content in his life, until Megan strolled in as the new office assistant at the logging company where he worked. His lion instantly took notice and made it known that she was his mate, but something in her eyes told him she wasn’t going to trust easily.

     Megan was running from her ex-boyfriend and the law, because that’s what you do after you torch his car when finding him cheating. She suspected he was following her, and had to keep moving. Commitments were something she didn’t have time for, but she also didn’t want to leave broken hearts in her wake. That was why she kept herself guarded and didn’t promise more than a bit of fun.

     When Arbor set his sights on her and made it known his intentions, the heat between them was too much for Megan to ignore. His laidback attitude put her at ease, and the sex was incredible. When strange things happen around the office, it isn't long before Megan's ex makes an appearance, and Arbor is determined to keep his mate safe.

     Will her ex make her pay for torching his car, or will he be the one cashing that particular check?

TWs: Arson, Unaliving, Weapons, Domestic Violence (Past mention), Possessiveness/Controlling Behavior, Violence, Cussing, Strong Language, Explicit Sex


Book 1


     Aurora Dawn Knight moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with her three best friends to hide away in their island home and write. She never expected a biker hottie to summon her with a crook of his finger in a burlesque bar and turn her world upside down, igniting a passionate fire within her.

     Jack ‘Whiskey’ Buchanan, panther shifter and president of the Howlers MC Upper Michigan Chapter, noticed the sway of her hips, and his instincts roared to life. His gaze followed the cascade of her dark hair until she turned on the dance floor, allowing him to catch the intensity in her eyes.



     With his inner cat practically howling with need, urging him to claim her, demanding he bring her home with them, back to the safety of their club, the realization hit him… she was his mate, and he would do whatever he had to do to claim her.

     Before they could ride off into the sunset, trouble came calling. Between slashed tires, threatening packages in the mail, an abduction attempt, and explosions, Whiskey and Aurora were left wondering…

     Who was out to get them?

     When would the next strike happen?

     Would they make it out unscathed?

TWs: Explosions, Mentions of theft and prison, Attempted Kidnapping, Gore/Blood, Stalking, Death, Weapons, Possessiveness/Controlling Behavior, Violence, Cussing, Strong Language, Explicit Sex

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