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They're bikers. They're brothers.
They're shifters, well, most of them...

Axle's Ride

Book 1

Howlers bk1 EB cover.jpg

    Ashlyn Taylor had no idea what she was doing when it came to raising her sister, but that didn't matter. When their mother died, she knew she had to come home and take custody of her teen sister, Georgia. Working as a waitress at Bobby's Bar, her world takes another crazy turn when a group of men come in wearing MC cuts and took over a corner of the bar. The man she assumed was the leader kept eyeing her. She didn't know what to do with that. Not to mention, the last thing she needed was more complications.

   Axle Weber, president of the Howlers MC of Michigan, had never had a problem going after what he wanted. And he usually got it. When he and his club stopped by Bobby's Bar for drinks, after a long ride and a tense meeting with an ally club, he saw something he just had to have. Rather, he saw someone he just had to have. Their waitress was gorgeous in a way that caught his attention and wouldn't let go. He wasn't one who usually latched on, not for long anyway, but everything in him wanted to grab hold of Ashlyn Taylor and never let go. Rival clubs, drugs, and murder plots, Axle already had a lot on his shoulders, but none of that was going to stop him. Problem was... Axle had a secret that could destroy any chance he had of finding happiness with Ashlyn. He was a wolf shifter.

   Will the truth drive Ashlyn away or will a woman finally settle down Axle Weber, biker and ladies' man?

TW - death of parent(before book begins), violence, weapons, possessiveness & controlling behavior, side story of domestic violence, drug-trafficking side story, cussing, strong language, explicit sex

Trip's B*tch

Book 2

Howlers book 2 Trip's B-tch.jpg

  Wolf-shifter, Danielle “Dani” Dole was not a member of the Howlers MC, but she was member-adjacent. Her father was a retired member who had moved from Michigan to Florida for his retirement. Her brother was the enforcer for the club and had made it very clear that he didn’t want her involved with any of his MC brothers. The problem was Dani had been infatuated with one of those brothers since she was fifteen. When an opportunity presents itself, Dani threw caution to the wind and kissed the man she had fantasized about for years. Embarrassed at her brazenness, she ran from him and tried her best to avoid him. But when you are so connected to the club and your best friend is marrying that man’s biological brother, avoiding him will only last so long.

  Trip Weber has a series of codes he lives by, some as a wolf-shifter, some as a biker. One of those codes states when a MC brother says a family member is off-limits, that family member is off-limits. You protect them. You help them when they are in need of help. You have their back, support their dreams and goals, help move them from one house to another, celebrate their special days, treat them as family. You do not kiss them. But what do you do when that off-limit family member kisses you? He attempted to put it out of his mind and honor his MC brother’s wishes, but Dani had consumed his thoughts since the night of their kiss.

  If they give in to their desires, will they lose the trust and bond with their family?

TW - explicit sex, cussing, violence, weapons, kidnapping, side story of sexual assault, possessiveness & controlling behavior, side story of domestic abuse survivor

Pike's Pixie

Book 3

HMC BK3- Pike's Prize.jpg

     Rawley “Pike” Lehr is a lion-shifter, but he had kept that information from his best friend and his twin, Xander and Alyssa. They are aware that he’s a member of the Howlers MC, but he keeps them out of that part of his life. Xander moved across the country to pursue a career as a stuntman, asking Pike to keep an eye on Alyssa and keep her safe. Pike is more than happy to do that since he had been lusting after Alyssa for as long as he could remember. He has no plans to act on it, until he sees that lust shining back at him from her eyes.

     Alyssa "Lyssa" Nicole Tracey only ran from Rawley after that jerk Larry assaulted her at work, because she had gone to Rawley for comfort and to feel like a woman, but Rawley went into protector mode and left her waiting at his house for him to return. When Rawley comes walking into her new place of employment and asked why she ran, she hadn’t seen him in months. His beard and hair had grown quite a bit and she liked it. She must have shown that interest a little too much because he wouldn’t let things go.

     During a showdown at her home, she revealed what she had always wanted from him. She expects him to balk and remind her they are just friends, but Rawley tells her if they go there, he’s never letting her go. Then, he walks out her door and leaves her to make the biggest decision of her life. Does she risk the friendship she holds so dear and angering her brother? Or does she keep the status quo and never know what it really feels like to sleep in his arms?

TW- Weapons, Possessiveness/Controlling Behavior, Violence, Sexual Assault(indirect-side story), Cussing, Strong Language, Explicit Sex

Siren's Flame

Book 4

Howlers book 4 Siren's Flame.jpg

     Siren knew he wanted April the second he laid eyes on her at Bobby's Bar. His lion whimpered and purred at her shy glances in his direction. He knew he would have her. She was exactly what he had been looking for and what his inner lion had been craving. Their mate.

     All April knew was that Siren was intense. Intense in everything he did, and intense in how he made her feel. When he looked at her it was as if he could see her every secret and every desire. His eyes also promised to satisfy those desires. That's what freaked her out. As inexperienced as she was, she wasn't sure she could handle him. What if she was boring? How humiliating would that be?

     Siren leaves town for months to care for an ill family member, but when he returns he finds that shy April has found herself. She's still sweet and a bit shy, but she has more confidence in herself that wasn't there before. He's enthralled by it. And after their first date, they are on the same page about their future- It will be together.

     But Siren messes up and April is kidnapped. If he's able to get her back, will she forgive him?

TW- Weapons, Possessiveness/Controlling Behavior, Violence, Sexual Assault(indirect-side story), Cussing, Strong Language, Explicit Sex, Kidnapping

Bullet's Butterfly

Book 5

Howlers book 5 Bullet's Butterfly.jpg

    After walking in on an execution by her husband and her uncle, Harlow’s truck breaks down on the side of the road and a biker stops to help. Hesitant to trust anyone, Harlow keeps her guard up as she rides with the biker back to his hometown.

    Bullet knows she’s running from something. He makes it his mission to do whatever is necessary to find out what she’s hiding and help make her safe. When his tiger takes notice of her and declares her as his mate, finding out her secrets becomes less of a curiosity and more of a necessity.

    Can Bullet and the Howlers keep Harlow safe?

TW- Weapons, Possessiveness/Controlling Behavior, Violence, Sexual Assault(indirect-side story), Cussing, Strong Language, Explicit Sex, Kidnapping, Child death(off page/before story starts), human/drug trafficking

Dragon's Kiss

Book 6

i licked em logo 2.png
Dragon's Kiss2.jpg

Licked 'Em
Subseries Book 1

    Kisy is on the run... not from the law, but from her boss's "assistants." After witnessing something she shouldn't have, she thought it best to not stick around for them to do the same to her. Ten days in, they track her down at a restaurant. In an attempt to get away, she runs into a stranger. Literally runs into him. Knowing she doesn't have time to complete her escape, she drops to her knees and pretends to be examining his jeans.

    Dragon is all too happy to help the pretty stranger on her knees in front of him, but when he realizes she's on the run from the two men that he's trailing, he finds himself in the position of needing to help yet another woman get away from the same horrible man. Not that helping her is in any way a hardship. When he tries to help her, Kisy steals his bike.

    As an enforcer for the Howlers MC, his brothers would never let him forget it if he didn't find his bike and the bewitching woman who stole it. When he tracks her down at a gas station, his wolf demands they keep her and Dragon agrees. Kisy thinks she's just going to a safe place until her boss and his crew are handled, but she can't help but be drawn to the man who demanded she get on his bike.

    The Howlers are in the middle of a war with another club and more gets piled on with each passing day, but they're used to trouble, drama, and saving women from men that never deserved them in the first place. With the help of the gods' champions and their allies, will they be able to fend off disaster?

    When Kisy's boss is gone and the Howlers take care of their enemies, will Kisy stay?
    Will Dragon let her go?
    Where will the Howlers go from here?

TW- Weapons, Possessiveness/Controlling Behavior, Violence, Sexual Assault(indirect-side story), Cussing, Strong Language, Explicit Sex, Kidnapping, Child death(off page/before story starts), human/drug trafficking

Rebel's Fairytale

Book 7

i licked em logo 2.png
HMC BK7-Rebel's Fairytale.jpg

Licked 'Em
Subseries Book 2

     When Brianna Cooke, the librarian of Warden’s Pass, met the man of her dreams, she didn’t expect him to turn into a wolf in front of her, but he did. She also never thought he’d be a member of a motorcycle club, but he was.

     It made sense to Rebel that he’d meet his happily ever after at the library, since that was the place that held all the fairy tales. When he saw the librarian’s cheeks turn a pretty shade of red, he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life making her blush. His wolf was on board with the idea, tossing around the word mine.

     When a group of town members, along with a newcomer, begin to cause trouble for the Howlers MC, the Tiger’s Claw MC, and the library, Rebel and his family must face multiple enemies and get creative in proving themselves to the town.

     Will Rebel be able to win over Bri, save the library, and keep his family from being run out of town?

TW-  Death, Violence, Weapons, Hostage Situation, Domestic Violence, Possessiveness, Controlling behavior, Cussing/strong language, Explicit sex

Rex's Release

Book 8

i licked em logo 2.png
HMC 8- Rex's Release.jpg

Licked 'Em
Subseries Book 4

     Life-long bachelor and wolf-shifter, Rex Piccolo figured he’d stay single for the rest of his life. He had his club. He had his daughter. He had his bike. What more did he need?

     Veterinarian, Jolene Hendrickson, was happy with being single. She didn’t need a man to fill space. Until she found one who could give her what she needed, she was fine with being alone.

After a random knock on her door and an odd request from a biker, Jolene’s world was about to be changed in more ways than one.

     Rex was a dominant male, but he was blindsided when Jolene awoke a side of him that he didn’t realize existed. With her, he was eager to see where it would take them. Who knew he would get a kick out of being tied up?

     When her mate was dropped off at her door, beaten and bloody, Jolene pulled forth skills she had long since buried. The people responsible were about to find out just who she really was.

And the world was about to find out that it wasn’t the shifters who were the real monsters.

     What will happen when the hunters become the hunted?

TWs: Death, Violence, Weapons, Hostage Situation/Stalking, Torture, Possessiveness, Controlling Behavior, Cussing/Strong Language, Explicit Sex/BDSM Elements

Trick's Elite

Book 9

i licked em logo 2.png
HMC 9- Trick's Elite.jpg

Licked 'Em
Subseries Book 6

     As an Elite Hunter from the Black Forest Academy, Stella Messer was tasked with taking out the shifters. Matthew 'Trick' Waters, a bear shifter and member of the Howlers MC, was tasked with keeping her from doing so.

     For weeks, he worked with her under false pretenses, pretending to be full-human and gaining her trust to thwart her mission. She was a threat to him, his family, and everything he held dear. He did what he had to do, in the name of loyalty to his club and family.

     When she realized he betrayed her, that he was one of the very creatures she was taught to hate, she was forced to reevaluate her entire world. Are the shifters the monsters, or are the hunters?

     Stella was his mate, and he knew it, but she was their enemy. Both were reasons not to let her walk away. Trick held her body captive, but what he really wanted was to capture her heart.

     Will they learn to trust each other and follow the road to love, or will they miss the turn and crash into a ball of flames?

TWs: Violence, Gore/Blood, Weapons, Possessiveness, Controlling behavior, Kidnapping/Captivity, Cussing/strong language, Explicit sex

Top's Peace

Book 10

i licked em logo 2.png
HMC 10- Top's Peace.jpg

Licked 'Em
Subseries Book 7

They're bikers. They're brothers.

They're shifters, well, most of them...

    After Top lost his mate, he wasn’t sure he’d ever find another… then Jules strutted onto the stage at a burlesque club. His wolf instantly took notice, declaring her theirs, but when he tried to make contact, she bolted.

     Jules couldn’t let the Howlers get their hands on her. If they knew she had been stealing from their club in order to pay Bennett Dresden for her sister’s safety, she wasn’t sure what they would do to her. When one of them gave her more attention than the bikers usually did, she panicked and took off, afraid that he had figured it all out.

      Will Top be able to find Jules? Will Jules accept him? And what will happen to her sister?

TWs: Death of spouse(before story begins), Grief, Violence, Weapons, Possessiveness, Controlling behavior, Domestic Violence(briefly), Human-trafficking, Cussing/Strong language, Explicit Sex, Suicidal thoughts, Brief mention of addiction(alcoholism)

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