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Tiger's Claw MC Series

The Howlers MC have their brotherhood, but the women of the Tiger's Claw MC are a sisterhood not to be f*cked with. 

They're bikers. They're sisters.

They're shifters, well... most of them.


    Tiger’s Claw MC President, Crush Welles vowed to never commit to a man, but when she found her mate in the worst place at the worst time, she feared he would be eliminated if she didn’t claim him. She wanted to hate him. He was annoying and infuriating with that smug charm he threw off. The alpha vibes surrounding him sent her fear into overdrive. Men like him walked in, demanded control, and expected her to be the dutiful little woman. She would never be that… mate or no mate. Once again, she vowed to keep him and all men at arm’s length, but her tiger demanded she keep Lucifer. As hard as she tried, her tiger refused to accept no as an answer.
   They may have been enemies when they met, but things had a way of falling into place, and Lucifer Brooks felt like that was exactly what happened when she kidnapped him and dragged him over state lines. Now, he wasn't going anywhere any time soon, especially with the off-the-charts chemistry he had with Crush. She pretended she hated him, but he knew the truth. One day, he would have her mating mark on his neck and her property patch on his back.
   Will Crush or her tiger win in the battle between Crush’s fear and Crush’s fate?


18 and up    
TWs - Death, Violence, Weapons, Possessiveness, Controlling behavior, Cussing/Strong language, Explicit Sex, War (Mostly off page), Drug use (off page), Pregnancy (Not main character).


TCMC BK 2 - Halo's Haven

     After everything she went through with her abusive ex, Halo was still healing. Anxiety and panic were regular companions, and she had spent months strengthening her body and her mind. Even with all that work, she was hesitant to trust and kept her guard up. She stuck to her motorcycle club and family, for the most part.
     Sulien Flint was in Warden’s Pass for an assignment. As a champion to the God of Wisdom, he was to play the middleman between his fellow dragon shifter, Ordys, and the president of the Howlers MC, Axle. It was a simple mission, but everything becomes complicated when he runs into his mate.
    When Halo’s belongings are moved and vandalized, Sulien is thrust into learning how to manage her panic attacks while also battling his dragon’s urge to hunt down her stalker. As her mate, he already wants to protect her, but that desire is amplified by the knowledge of the genuine danger she is facing.
     When Halo finds herself in an impossible position, will Sulien get to her in time to save her? Or will she have to face off with her demons on her own?

18 and up   

TWs - Death, Violence, Weapons, Possessiveness, Controlling behavior, Cussing/Strong language, Explicit Sex, Stalking, Kidnapping, Anxiety Attacks, Domestic Violence

TCMC BK 3 - Nova's Blaze


18 and up   



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